Cover of Mark Urban's 'Rifles'

The 52nd Arriving at Ramsgate

Cover illustration, The Retreat from Moscow


Defence of the Seminary, Porto

The Talavera March, Craufurd's Light Brigade

Retaking the Knoll, the Coa

The Repulse of the 66th Grenadiers, Coa Bridge

Picton's Orders, Buçaco

5/60th Regt. (Royal American)

Private, Battalion Co. 2/42nd

Private, 6th Caçadores

A Masterly Manoeuvre, Fuentes de Oñoro

A Christmas Tale, Guarda, Portugal

The Funeral of Craufurd, Ciudad Rodrigo

Deadly Duel of Musketry, Salamanca

The Bloody Eleventh, Private 1/11th Foot, Salamanca

2nd Dragoons, King’s German Legion

Sergeant, French 8th Line Regt., Maya Pass

We Shall Repent This Day Before Daylight,Vera Bridge

Duke and the Household Cavalry

The First Rifle Corps

The Sandpit at Waterloo


French Line Infantryman

Foreign Troops in French Service, Russia

Standard Bearer

Deployez la Colonne


The Battle of Sediman

The Rosetta Stone


School of the Soldier

Barrackroom Life


Deployez en Tirailleur!


The Marie-Louises

Armeé du Nord

French Revolutionary Wars

Aides & Courier, Germany

Technical Troops


Engineers & Medical

10ème Légère at Teugn-Hausen

The Attack by IR23 at Teugn-Hausen

The Capture of Eggmühl

The Retreat to Corunna and Vigo

Sir John Moore at Corunna

The Prussian Guard Fusiliers Storm Kaja

Oudinot's Advance

The Destruction of Maison's Division at Hainau

The Point of No Return, Badajoz

Riflemen, 5th Battalion, 60th (Royal American) Regiment

In Hell Before Daylight, Badajoz

Deep in Thought

Reflecting on the Day

At Ease

15 Battle Honours

Bordeaux 1814

The Tavern

The Parade Ground